How are shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges are calculated during checkout based on your delivery location and the total shipping weight.
We do not charge any order handling fees and we do not make any money on shipping. In fact, we cover part of the shipping cost ourselves to show our appreciation for our customers, and because we are always trying to get you the best Product and shipping prices. We also often do free upgrades to express shipping, especially for orders placed for special holidays, celebrations and events during the year.
You will always get the lowest Product and shipping prices from us - 100% guaranteed.

For most shipping destinations, we offer 2 shipping methods:
1) Standard Shipping (a lower-cost option)
2) Express Shipping
Both shipping methods come with a tracking number and reasonable delivery time.
We know that once you've placed your order, you're eager to receive your package, and we choose shipping couriers that provide fast service while being cost-effective at the same time.

Please click here to calculate estimated delivery times

For Canadian customers:
We offer FREE* shipping within Canada, with a minimum purchase amount of $99.
Please note the following:
- heavier items may not qualify for free shipping
- the minimum amount required to qualify for free shipping excludes any coupon and/or Points redemption value (ie. the value of your cart must meet the minimum amount requirements after applying any coupon and/or Points redemption. For example, if your delivery address is in a non-remote area of Canada and the value of your cart is $99, and you apply a $10 discount coupon, you will not qualify for free Standard Shipping unless the value of your cart is a minimum of $99 after applying the $10 discount coupon).

* Note: This free shipping offer excludes remote and difficult to serve areas as well as other regions if there is a high total shipping weight. However, most remote areas qualify for a discounted shipping rate with a minimum order of $99 in Canada. Most remote areas also qualify for free shipping at a higher minimum purchase amount. If applicable, the amount required to qualify for free shipping will be displayed during the checkout process.

Shipping Cost Estimate
Please see table below for an estimate of shipping charges.

You can also estimate shipping charges before checking out. Once you add item(s) to your cart, you will be able to get a shipping cost estimate on the cart checkout page.

Please note:
The shipping prices quoted below are approximate prices, and may vary depending on the weight and delivery location for an order. Remote and difficult to serve areas have higher shipping rates. Exact shipping prices are calculated during checkout.

Standard ShippingExpress ShippingStandard ShippingExpress ShippingStandard ShippingExpress Shipping
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $50$50 - $99$99 +
< 3KG$9.99+$26.99+$5.99+$26.99+FREE*$26.99+
> 5KG$19.99+$35.99+$11.99+$32.99+
British Columbia (Vancouver Area)
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $50$50 - $99$99 +
< 3KG$4.99+$19.99+FREE*$19.99+FREE*$19.99+
> 5KG$4.99+$19.99+$4.99+$19.99+
British Columbia (Rest of BC)
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $50$50 - $99$99 +
< 3KG$7.99+$19.99+$4.99+$19.99+FREE*$19.99+
> 5KG$11.99+$21.99+$11.99+$25.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$11.99+$28.99+$8.99+$28.99+FREE*$28.99+
> 5KG$18.99+$38.99+$8.99+$28.99+
New Brunswick
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$14.99+$29.99+$9.99+$29.99+FREE*$29.99+
> 5KG$21.99+$38.99+$9.99+$29.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$11.99+$31.99+$11.99+$21.99+$4.99+$31.99+
> 5KG$19.99+$38.99+$11.99+$21.99+
Northwest Territories
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$14.99+$39.99+$14.99+$39.99+$9.99+$39.99+
> 5KG$19.99+$38.99+$19.99+$38.99+
Nova Scotia
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$13.99+$29.99+$11.99+$29.99+$6.99+$29.99+
> 5KG$19.99+$38.99+$19.99+$38.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$15.99+$39.99+$12.99+$39.99+$9.99+$39.99+
> 5KG$25.99+$49.99+$25.99+$49.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$12.99+$39.99+$11.99+$39.99+$5.99+$39.99+
> 5KG$21.99+$48.99+$21.99+$48.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$13.99+$39.99+$12.99+$39.99+$7.99+$39.99+
> 5KG$22.99+$47.99+$22.99+$47.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$12.99+$39.99+$11.99+$39.99+$5.99+$39.99+
> 5KG$22.99+$49.99+$22.99+$49.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$10.99+$35.99+$9.99+$35.99+FREE*$35.99+
> 5KG$19.99+$45.99+$19.99+$45.99+
Cart Subtotal : $0 - $99$99 - $125$125 +
< 3KG$14.99+$29.99+$9.99+$29.99+$4.99+$31.99+
> 5KG$24.99+$39.99+$24.99+$39.99+

* large orders / heavier items may not qualify for free shipping

Which countries do you ship to?
We currently only ship within Canada.

How long will it take to receive my order?
All orders are shipped from our facilities in Vancouver, Canada. We do our best to have your package reach you ASAP once you've placed your order. Orders placed before 2PM EST Monday-Saturday are shipped on the same day. Orders placed on Sundays and Holidays, or after 2PM EST Monday-Saturday are shipped the following business day. Certain products may require a shipping lead time, and this information will be displayed during checkout. There may be circumstances where our courier may not be available for our same-day shipping, and in this case your order will be shipped the next morning. Generally, orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. For large orders (over 20 pounds), or orders with products that require a shipping lead time, it may take up to 48 hours to process and ship the order. Once your order has shipped, delivery time depends on your location and shipping method chosen during checkout. All shipping methods come with tracking information, and you will receive an e-mail from us with your tracking number once your package has been shipped.

You can estimate shipping cost & time on the cart page before checking out.