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Zaatar - Premium Palestinian

Brand: Al'Ard

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100.00 grams


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Zaatar is the king of condiments in Middle Eastern cuisine! This delicious spice blend is fragrant and adds a tangy flavour to dishes. Mix this Zaatar spice with Olive Oil and spread the mixture over Middle Eastern pita bread. Then pop the bread in the oven until it's slightly toasted. You'll have a delicious, savoury bread, and this is the most common way of enjoying Zaatar, a great alternative to garlic bread! Buy Premium Palestinian Zaatar Spice and spice up your dishes with this popular Middle Eastern spice blend!
Zaatar - Facts & Information
Zaatar is a dried herb used heavily in the Middle East from medieval times to the present. Al'ard premium zaatar is made with hand mixed toasted sesame, sumac and oregano.
Zaatar can be mixed with olive oil and spread on bread or you can sprinkle it on chicken, meats and salads. In the Levant area, there is a belief that this particular spice mixture makes the mind alert and the body strong.