Organika Enhanced Collagen

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Organika Enhanced Collagen is a super powder with super powers for healthy hair, glowing skin, gut and joint health and strong nails! A clean, single-ingredient formula, sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle and free from all hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and gluten, Organika Enhanced Collagen is a flavourless and odourless formula that is hydrolyzed for maximum absorption in the body.

- Gluten-free
- Non-GMO
- Flavourless
- 90 g protein
- 100% pure collagen
Collagen - Facts and Information
Collagen may be the most important element of human skin. This complex protein makes up nearly 80% of skin and provides structure, elasticity and protection, while helping to retain moisture within the deep dermal layers.

As aging occurs, collagen naturally decreases over time. Sooner or later, the reduction of collagen causes skin to become thinner, drier and more fragile. Loss of collagen is believed to be the primary cause of fine lines and wrinkles that occur in naturally-aged skin.